The Times and the recent BBC Two series ‘Trust me I’m a doctor’ got together to look at the health claims made about apple cider vinegar. They reported their findings in the Times earlier this week.

They concluded having diluted apple cider vinegar before food helps to reduce the blood sugar spike caused by carbohydrates.  Spikes in blood sugar from sugary foods or refined carbohydrates like bagels and white bread cause spikes in insulin which promote inflammation in the body and thereby contribute to cardiovascular disease, joint aches and pains, and the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer as well as weight gain.  Foods which reduce blood sugar spikes are a very good thing!

They also carried out a small study with three groups of participants: one group had diluted apple cider vinegar before each meal, one group had diluted malt vinegar before each meal and one group had coloured water before each meal.  They found that ‘in the apple cider vinegar group there was a 13% reduction in total cholesterol, with a particularly big reduction in triglyerides (a form of fat).’  This kind of improvement in cholesterol may significantly reduce your chances of having a heart attack.

To me these small studies show that even simple changes to diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on improving health and the more little steps you are willing to take the bigger the health benefits, and it doesn’t always have to mean never having the things you love!

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