herbal medicine

  • Chamomile tea is antispasmodic to the gut meaning it helps to ease tummy cramps; it has an anti-inflammatory action within the digestive system meaning it helps to calm down soreness and irritation there. It is also relaxing so will help a poorly child to relax and sleep.  It can be taken hot or cold.
  • Slippery elm bark powder mixed with a little water into a paste or stirred into hot drinks or food will be very soothing and help to ease both diarrhoea and constipation. It is very safe so can be taken several times a day.  Combine with a pinch of cinnamon to add flavour; cinnamon is also astringent and anti-bacterial which is helpful for fighting tummy bugs.  Capsules also available.
  • Probiotics – and I don’t mean those yogurts with lots of artificial flavours and sweetners in! Probiotic capsules will repopulate the gut with the friendly bacteria that fights harmful tummy bugs and supports the immune system.  Take an adult capsule and open it into a tub of natural full fat greek yogurt.  The friendly bacteria will multiple in there; when your child is delicate but out of the throws of sickness give your child the yogurt with some ripe chopped banana (with a dash of honey if needed).  If they are not ready for food, open a capsule into a cold drink, stir and give to the child; they don’t have to drink the whole thing a few sips or more will still be helpful.
  • Abdominal massage with a drop of fennel or chamomile essential oil in a teaspoon of olive oil or other base oil can be very soothing. Always work in a clockwise direction around the tummy using gently stroking movements.  The essential oils will be absorbed into the blood stream and exert their relaxing, calming effect on the gut.
  • Finally the golden rule: Lots of fluids! The biggest danger with children is that they can dehydrate very fast leading to dangerously low blood pressure.  Give lots of drinks and try to monitor how much fluid they are losing via loose bowel movements, vomiting, perspiration and urine.  Ideally water with a pinch of salt and sugar to ensure electrolyte balance, and teas like chamomile or fennel, but if they are fussy, sugar free squash is fine.

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