lemonadeCommercial fizzy drinks are high in phosphorus and high intakes of phosphorus lead to calcium being excreted from the body, reducing bone density.  This is a particularly important issue for teenagers who need more calcium than any other age group because of their rapid growth.  Your bones are formed during your childhood and teenage years and if you don’t build up enough bone matrix then, you will suffer later on with increased risk of osteoporosis, weak bones and fractures.  Teenagers should be strongly encouraged to avoid fizzy drinks, especially the caramel coloured ones like cola which have even more calcium depleting effects than others.

A tasty alternative…

Yesterday my 10 year old daughter made me home-made lemonade.  It was delicious and so simple to make:
300ml cold water
Juice of 1 and ½ lemons
4 heaped teaspoons of Xylittol

Stir well and serve!

Xylittol contains only 40% of the calories of sugar.  It has a very low glycaemic index meaning it doesn’t cause blood sugar highs and lows and it is actually good for your teeth.  It looks like white sugar can be bought in Waitrose and other big supermarkets.

Fresh lemon juice is very rich in vitamin C and has anticancer properties.  However, it is very acidic on the teeth so we did have a little plain water afterwards just to rinse our mouths.

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