passion flower herbal medicineWestern herbal medicine has lots of different medicinal plants in it’s medicine chest which may help to ease anxiety and tension, support the nervous system and promote restful sleep.  Two of my favourites are Valerian root and Passion flower.  Both can be taken as tinctures (concentrated liquid extracts in alcohol) or as teas (although Valerian doesn’t taste great) or tablets (follow instructions on packet re. dosage.)

Both herbs work as soon as they are absorbed from the digestive system into the body to start reducing feelings of tension.  As well as relieving feelings of anxiety, Valerian also helps to relax overly tense muscles in the neck and shoulders, and nourishes your nervous system so that if you take it regularly you become more resilient to the stresses of life.  Take 30-40 drops of the tincture in a little water one to three times daily to reduce anxiety.

Passion flower is also great for encouraging a calm and relaxed outlook.  Different herbs suit different people better, so if Valerian isn’t for you, try Passion flower or visa versa.  Passion flower dosages are the same as for Valerian.

Both herbs can be used to improve sleep.  If you are having trouble falling asleep take 5ml of either Valerian or Passion flower tincture half an hour before bed.  If you fall asleep fine but wake in the night and have trouble getting back to sleep take 5ml of one of the tinctures just before you turn out the light.  These herbs won’t knock you out like an orthodox sleeping pill but they will help you to sleep deeper and for longer.  If a noise wakes you in the night, you will still hear it, you will just be able to go back to sleep quicker after being disturbed.

These herbs are safe for teenagers to take if they have an adult body weight and are helpful for supporting them during stressful A level and GCSE exams.

I sell both these tinctures but you can also get them from good health food shops.  Go for a good brand, not Holland and Barrett own label as quality matters.

If you are suffering from more on-going problems with anxiety, mild depression or sleep issues call me now to discuss whether a herbal medicine consultation could help you.

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