shoes-584850_640My friend Debbie was asking what she could take to keep her stamina up during a 100km walk for charity she will be doing this weekend.  Siberian Ginseng instantly came to mind.  Herbs and herbal medicine are not just for illness; ideally they should be used to prevent illness from developing.  Herbal medicines can be used to increase resilience to stress – both physical stresses (like a 100km walk!) and emotional stress; to support your mood if you are feeling low or anxious; and to help you to ward off illness when all around you people are falling sick.

Siberian Ginseng root was traditionally boiled in water and taken by the elderly as a daily tonic to keep them well during the harsh Siberian winters.  This herb has been well researched in Russia and double blind, placebo controlled trials (the gold standard of medical research) have shown it to have a range of health promoting properties.

Indications supported by clinical trials include:

  • To improve mental and physical performance
  • To minimise the effects of stress in those subject to chronic illness or to environmental or occupational stress
  • To improve performance and minimise the effects of stress in athletes
  • Enhancement of immune function
  • Cancer (alongside orthodox treatment to improve immune function and to decrease side effects from orthodox medical treatment)
  • Convalescence after antibiotic therapy
    (S. Mills and K. Bone; 2000)

I have suggested Debbie take Siberian Ginseng tincture, ½ tsp twice daily for the week leading up to her huge walk and for the week afterwards to give her more stamina and help her stay fit and well throughout.  Siberian Ginseng was used by Russian athletes to prepare for the Olympic Games in the late 1970s so she is in good company!

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