You can book an appointment to see me at The Enfield Chase clinic, in Enfield EN2 or at The Healthy Living Centre in Highbury and Islington, London N1.

You can also book a Zoom appointment if you would prefer to see me in the comfort of your own home!

  You can learn more about nutrition and herbal medicine by attending one of the webinars, workshops or courses that I teach throughout the year.

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12 Week Gut Healing Program

Herbal Medicine

Ellie completed a four year, full time, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine degree back in 2000 and has been seeing patients in private practise ever since.  She will use her extensive knowledge and experience to support you on your journey back to good health.  She will combine herbal medicines with dietary advice and supplements to give you all the support you need to start feeling good again.



Ellie has been teaching nutrition for over ten years and it is an integral part of her practise.  She will work with you to devise a diet and supplement programme that will address your health issues and fit in with your tastes and lifestyle.


Webinars, Talks and Courses

Ellie teaches nutrition to the students studying the professional four year Herbal Medicine programme at Heartwood Education. She also runs health webinars on a variety of topics throughout the year, and teaches short nutrition courses at The City Lit in Holborn.


About Ellie

I am passionate about supporting patients in their journey back to wellness.  I endeavour to give them the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their health. I use herbal medicines, nutrition and supplements to give people as much support as possible to start feeling really good again.

I have over twenty years experience working as a Medical Herbalist. I completed a four year BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University in 2000. I have been trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors, but I take a ‘functional medicine’ approach to illness. That is, I look at all the systems of the body, and address the underlying causes and drivers of poor health rather than just addressing the symptoms.  I often recommend functional medicine testing so patients and I can gain more insight into the factors driving their health problems and get additional information to guide us in creating the best possible treatment plan.

My herbal medicine degree course included extensive training to a high standard in the medical sciences: pathology, diagnostic skills, pharmacology and pharmacy, as well as botany, herbal therapeutics, nutrition and clinical skills.

I have also had two years of clinical training at the Archway Clinic of Herbal Medicine in the Whittington Hospital, North London. Since qualifying in 2000 I have worked continuously seeing patients privately and gone on to teach the subjects I am most experienced in: Herbalism, Diet and Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology.

Nutrition is a big part of my practise.  I have been teaching nutrition courses for over ten years and now teach nutrition on the professional herbal medicine course at Heartwood Education.  I currently also teach shorter nutrition courses at the City Lit in Covent Garden.  I run my own health webinars and seminars throughout the year.

As a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, I am fully insured and bound by a strict code of ethics.

You can telephone or email me for a no obligation chat about your health and to find out whether Herbal medicine or Nutrition would help you.

What my clients say…

Having personally used Ellie for a few years I can highly recommend her for more complex issues as well as simple ailments. I am so confident in the service she provides, both practical and professional that I took my pre adolescent daughter see her for mood swings. A few simple yet effective changes and its helped enormously! Ellie is an excellent addition in anyone’s life to regain or retain good health.


Ellie has a great approach to care as well as dietary advice, which I value deeply. I have been a sufferer of a specific health issue and I believe that the herbal remedy Ellie prescribed has helped curb my health issues.


I contacted Ellie after researching phyto-therapies. Due to menopause I have been suffering from bad sleep, low mood, anxiety and irritability. My sleep has improved and my general wellbeing and the above symptoms have dramatically improved within 2 weeks. Her advice has been extremely good.


Ellie has been so helpful I have suffered from many health issues fibromyalgia, PCOS, amongst some and the herbs Ellie gives are definitely working as well as all the valuable nutritional advice . Being Vegan it can be hard to know what I need to eat and Ellie has given me so much information I didn’t know before thank you so much Ellie


Ellie’s holistic approach is second to none. All treatments are tailored around your specific requirements. Ellie adopts a nurturing and sensitive approach, she provides an excellent range of therapeutic treatments. She is knowledgeable, professional and motivational.


Post a serious operation, I was concerned about my general health and the strength of my immune system. I had an hour consultation with Ellie where we focused on symptoms, recovery, exercise and nutrition which was very detailed and focused. I have been taking the tonic that Ellie made for me for the last 2 months and now feel up to optimum health. I also used Ellie to help my small children finally shake off their never ending cold and cough virus that they have picked up this winter. Would highly recommend and I have already written a note in my diary to return in the winter months for a tonic for myself, my husband and the children.


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