Nutrition and Exercise Strategies for Joint Health  – A live interactive webinar with Denise Yeats and Ellie Holly 

Wednesday 25th September at 7pm (online) 

Are you struggling with joint pain and stiffness?  

Keen to know which foods and drinks will reduce inflammation and improve joint health?  

Wondering which exercises are best for keeping your joints strong and pain free? 

Join me and female exercise expert and experienced personal trainer Denise Yeats at this live, interactive, 80 minute webinar.
We will give a comprehensive overview of how to manage osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and joint pain during the menopause and beyond through a holistic approach. You will gain an understanding of the causes and effects of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and how hormonal changes as we age impact bone and joint health.  The webinar will cover diet, nutrition, herbal medicines, and supplements for joint and musculo-skeletal health. Denise will discuss effective exercise strategies for managing joint pain and preventing osteoporosis, including types of exercises that are particularly beneficial, and tips for safe practice.  

The session will include opportunities to interact and ask questions.  

Click here to book now to secure early bird ticket prices: £15 until the first of September!