This three month programme is designed to bring you relief from IBS and get you feeling really well again.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an incredibly common condition effecting up to one third of the population at some point in their lives.

Common symptoms include:
Bloating and gas
Wind or burping
Intermittent constipation or diarrhoea
Heartburn or acid indigestion
Pain and/or spasm

In most cases, there are underlying problems which are causing and perpetuating gut health issues.  Common drivers of IBS include:
Gut dysbiosis – an overgrowth of candida or other unfriendly gut microbes
Leaky gut with/without other inflammation
Unidentified food intolerances or allergies
Stress – is often a contributing factor

About the 12 week programme…
Professionally prescribed herbal medicines combined with the right dietary changes can have a big impact on digestive health and improving IBS symptoms.  A few simple dietary changes can have a big impact on improving digestive health, but knowing which changes to make without professional guidance is incredibly hard! When you combine herbal medicines  with the right dietary changes results are often even better. Ellie will work with you to devise an individually tailored diet and supplement programme to heal your gut and get you feeling your best again.  Ellie will also prescribe you an individually tailored herbal medicine to take before meals to calm and heal your digestive system and improve absorption of nutrients.

You will get:

A one hour initial consultation to assess your health and diet, and go through detailed dietary advice with you. A follow up email summarising your personal dietary plan.
An individually tailored herbal medicine at each appointment to address your underlying gut issues and get your digestive system working and feeling better.
Three further 30 minute appointments spread over the twelve weeks to discuss your progress, amend your nutrition programme and adjust your herbal medicine as needed, and address any other health issues which may arise.
Unlimited email support over the twelve weeks
Only £299 (option to pay in instalments) Call Ellie now on 07949463288 or email ellie@hollyhealthcare.co.uk to find out more or to book your initial appointment.